what is a proper greeting? is it 'hello'? 'what's up'? nope. there is no correct greeting.  therefore there is no proper greeting card, which is good because these are effing inappropriate. 


have you ever felt like telling someone they're a douche but couldn't find that particular message in hallmark? we've got you covered. in our store you'll find a wide variety of snarky cards in atypical genres like 'post break-up' cards and 'i don't like you like that' cards.

we also have birthday cards, holiday cards, and other sentiments for non-douche occasions. 

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even we know when we've gone too far. but that doesn't mean we throw those cards away. visit our 'too rude to print' page to  download the truly offensive sentiments we've come up with. 

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visit our blog for everything you ever wanted to know about greeting cards..... kidding. inventive invective is all about humor and a unique perspective. in our blog we discuss pretty much anything that comes to mind with the same humor as you'll find in our cards.

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